Personal Testimony from the Founder of The Pink Flamingo:

” I attended my first Our Heart Centre retreat over the Spring Weekend (Sept) in 2019 which was hosted in Gauteng. I was met by Angy-Lee (Founder of OHC & now, Family) and her incredible team that ensured that the ensuing weekend was a beautiful time of healing, releasing and peeling away at layers of conditioning, in order to show me Who I AM, in my truest form/Self. This was the start of my self-awakening process, one which has taken me on many a journey (inward & outward) and through it all I have been held by every member of the Our Heart Centre Team, in a safe, sacred, loving space of healing & growth.

From that weekend onwards, I have been attending workshops (online & in-house), ceremonies & retreats on a regular basis, some of which include:

A Wellness Day
Sound Workshops
Chakra Workshops
Meditation Evenings
Creating Your Magik Workshop
Weekend Retreats, to name a just a few…

I am in absolute gratitude for every member of the Our Heart Centre Team & Family (which they have become! ♥). Every single one has shone a light so bright in order for me to find my way back home to Self. What an incredible journey it has been and I look forward to continued growth, healing and Whole-listic living & wellness with Our Heart Centre, Angy-Lee & her amazing team. #SelfLove #Awakening #HolisticLiving #Love

Check out all their event offerings as the workshops are amazingly diverse. There is something for everyone! “